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The purpose of my action research was to create meaningful virtual field trips that offered students many of the same benefits of actual field trips. Research into current literature on virtual environments and simulations indicated that the potential for virtual fieldtrips had not reached to the primary grade levels and were largely used by military and science institutions to avoid dangerous environments. Because of a lack of available examples of virtual fieldtrips, fifth grade students from Eagle Eye Academy gathered media and using iMovie and Second Life created their own virtual fieldtrip to the Home of Ernest Hemingway in Key West, Florida. It was discovered that student-created virtual fieldtrips were just as educational and engaging as taking the fieldtrips.

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Literature Review Word Cloud and Reflection

This word cloud shows a very accurate cross section of the AR Project and the literature review.  Since it was made using the text from the literature review, I feel that this is a good indicator that the project correlates closely to the current research discussed in that review.

This is a very effective word cloud because it synthesizes pages and pages of collected research into an image that shows the purpose of the project.  The three words that jump out of the image are student, learning and experience.  This is the core of my AR Project.  Virtual Field Trips (VFTs) offer learning experiences to students.

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