May, EDE

(Caution: This example blog may not fit the format that your course instructor requires. Please refer to the assignment on FSO during this month of the program)

Cycle one of my AR Project consists of preparing a virtual field trip and implementing in August.  I have a lot of work to put into the first cycle since I will be building the virtual field trip from scratch.  Luckily, with the way the school year has fallen on the calendar, I have all summer to focus on the creation of the VFT.  In fact, I plan to have the Cycle 2 field trip prepared as well, but not finalized because I want to leave room to make adjustments after the implementation of the first cycle after I have seen what works and what does not work.

The data that I gather during the cycles will be varied.  One form of data will be gathered by testing the students after they participate in the VFT.  Another form of collected data will be from the online participant survey that the students and chaperones fill out after the VFT.  In addition, I will be keeping a log of annotated noted during the development and implementation phase that I will use to track my own growth during this process.

My Action Research textbook will come in very handy when I begin the actual development phase of the project. I still find myself in the design phase and a lot of that process is internal.

The EDE class has been an immense help for my AR Project and me. In each of the previous classes I continually perpetuated the belief that I would be doing a ridiculous AR Project that nobody objected to.  Thanks to the AR focus of the class I was able to invest the time that I needed to get myself back on track. I am excited about the summer months away from the classroom so that I can focus on completing the overhaul process that began this month.