February, MLT

(Caution: This example blog may not fit the format that your course instructor requires. Please refer to the assignment on FSO during this month of the program)

-I am considering an Action Research Project that will try to increase student reading during summer vacation.  Students are often given reading lists over the summer and suggestions for ways to maintain reading gains made over the school year.  However, students quickly forget suggestions and summer reading lists have a way of being washed away like leaves in the gutter during a thunderstorm.  I think with some forms of social networking, the student’s interest in reading can be maintained or even honed during the summer months. I am considering making a forum for students to use to discuss the summer reading books.  I would like to make it like a summer book club to keep the student interest level up.

-What are my steps for success?  After some preparations, several steps can be taken at the same time. The forum can be activated and organized.  Documents can be included that have the timeline for the student’s reading club and the procedures for participating in the summer program.  Students can receive their summer reading lists and using the classroom computers, they can register on the student reading forum. There will be a practice run during the school year to give the students a chance to experience threaded discussion with the help of a teacher and technically savvy students.  There will also be kick-off assembly or school news announcement to excite the students.

-The main difference between a Thesis and an Action Research Project is the process.  The process for creating a Thesis is having an idea and defending it using other people’s published thoughts and ideas.  The process of creating an AR is having an idea and unleashing it on the world.  The AR excites me because it brings back nostalgic memories of the science fair.  I participated for many years because it meant spending an entire school day at the mall.  I also enjoyed coming up with a question and answering it through testing.  While I will miss sawing plywood and painting it and covering it with rubber cement and construction paper letters, I do look forward to learning more about the website we will be using to showcase our results.

-What would I want in a Critical Friend?  In selecting my Critical Friends for this project, I will be looking for people who can help me fill in the gaps.  I hope to find CF who can chew over my ideas and spit out the seeds.  I’d like to have people who can understand my goals and help me reach them.  If I do a good job of recruiting, I will have a small panel of CF who will help me make my AR as successful as it can be.