Jason C. Gillett

Finding Solutions with Virtual Field Trips

Hello, my name is Jason C. Gillett and this is my action research, partial requirement for the EMDT master’s program for Full Sail University.

The purpose of my action research is to create meaningful virtual field trips that give students many of the same benefits as actual field trips.

I began by asking what would happen if I created the a virtual field trip to make up for the lack of actual field trips available to students.  The genesis of this project can be traced back to a faculty meeting at the school where I teach.  At this meeting, the administration gave the shocking news that the field trip and transportation budget was frozen district-wide and no new trips were being authorized.    I imagined possible solutions for this dilemma and before long I was able to envision a virtual field trip (VFT) that served many purposes; leading students to discovery, knowledge foundation building, overcoming financial restraints, offering a flexible delivery window, and augmenting actual field trips as either a pre-trip or post-trip activity.

I hope to demonstrate how I am improving my practice as well as how I can contribute to the body of literature by researching and creating virtual field trips that help make up for the atrocious lack of actual field trips for students to experience.  It is my hope that these virtual field trips will overcome the obstacles that teachers and student find blocking their access to benefits of actual field trips.